CCNSG Safety Passport Renewal (ECITB)

CCNSG Safety Passport Renewal (ECITB) course takes place over a single day and is designed to bring current Safety Passport certificate holders up to date with any new legislation that has been brought on line since they passed their initial course. It is advisable that candidates should ideally take the renewal course within the three months preceding the expiry of their certificate, but are able to renew in the three months following expiry.  If your current certificate has expired over the three months then you will have to sit the CCNSG Safety Passport 2 day course.

A valid email address will be required when making the booking so that Joining Instructions can be sent.




Course Content:

This course assumes a basic level of competence and is a refresher only.
  1. The Impact of an Accident
  2. The Importance of Safe Behaviour
  3. Legal Framework
  4. POWRA
  5. PTW
  6. Good Practice


This is a classroom based course of one day and is assessed with a multiple choice assessment at the end of the session.


All those who successfully complete this course will receive a CCNSG Safety Passport valid for a further 3 years. Attendees are reminded that their certificate will be dated as the date of the course, so anyone attending more than three months before the expiry of their certificate will effectively ‘lose’ time on their certificate.


1 day


Please note :

You will need to provide the ECITB with personal details for their course record database (listed below)

If you cannot comply with these requirements then you will not be able to attend the training or test session.

  • You must bring photo ID e.g. Travel Passport, or a UK Driving Licence and your National Insurance Number. If none of the above can be shown please ring the office for a list of items to prove ID.
  • You must have basic conversational use of the English language
  • Please bring your old CCNSG passport/ACE Card if applicable to synchronise the expiry date for the future
  • A digital photograph will be taken of you for the ECITB course records database at the start of the course