The Team

Health And Safety Training Deliverable Across The UK

The Team

Robert ‘Tez’ Williams – the Boss (he thinks he is)

The Team

Tez is a self-confessed workaholic but when he does eventually go home he loves walking his dog Sasha, fishing and watching his beloved Arsenal.  He has six kids!!! (His excuse he had no TV) but never take him for a date to the cinema because he has the habit of falling asleep and snoring!!!

Josh “the joshkin” Krumstets – the chef

Originally from “Wulllvverrrhammptuunnn” Josh has been on our lovely island for a few years.  He has two kids (his words – I’ve got a whopper – 52″ TV) and lives with his partner, a dog and cat.  He loves making music and really loves pawn (he can show you how to mate) he is a master chess player.  To relax (his words again) “I’m like a mountain goat” – no he doesn’t eat grass – he loves to climb mountains.

Kim ‘Analytics’ Thomas – the Dogsbody

The Team

Kim loves big muscular men….in other words professional rugby players.  She loves her three dogs, beer, kayaking, body boarding and did we mention beer!!!  She has five kids (obviously bought a TV before Tez) and loves beer!!!!


Leanne “Giraffe” Williams – front of house


Leanne has been with us from the start.  She is currently studying at Uni – Childhood Studies (for when she gets rid of her TV).  She loves giraffes, Greys Anatomy, giraffes going to gigs and more giraffes!!!!


Dan “the man” Thomas – Marketing Coordinator


Dan has been with us for a few months now (feels like a lifetime) and has the pleasure of working with Kim in the office…(yes Kim is writing this).  He loves PC’s and he is working towards his ideal career of an IT Technician and also the usual “man thing” of football.  The first question we asked him was does he own a TV and he has happily reported he has a 40″ !!!


Steve “Mr Health And/Or Safety” Safety


Steve, although only with us in spirit, has been with us for our entire lives. He represents what we stand for, health, safety and most importantly, caring. We care for Steve and Steve cares for us. We pray to Steve every morning before starting work as we feel it gives us the boost we need to start our day. Steve doesn’t own a TV, he feels they are too hazardous and instead, Steve reads daily, with protective gloves, of course. Steve has no biological children but, I feel, we are all his children, you can be too.