CCNSG Leading a Team Safely (ECITB)

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The CCNSG Leading a Team Safely (ECITB) is a one day workshop designed to provide an essential introduction to managing small teams within the context of Health and Safety in the Engineering Construction Industry.   The Leading a Team Safely card is valid for three years.

To be eligible to attend the Workshop you must hold a current CCNSG Safety Passport.

Aim & Objectives

The workshop covers a number of key topics including:

  • How to communicate successfully
  • How to lead a team successfully
  • How to achieve safe outcomes
  • Self-management
  • How to work safely with others

It explores these topics in an interactive way and delegates’ participation throughout the day is a key factor.


The course is based around the concept of ‘The Good Job’ and structured into four elements:

  • The Team
  • The Plan
  • The Job
  • Good Job


This is a classroom based course of one day and is assessed with a multiple choice assessment at the end of the session.


On successful completion of the course candidates will be awarded the CCNSG Leading a Team Safely Passport which is valid for 3 years.


One day

All candidates must take with them a note of their National Insurance number and either a current UK photo card driving license or current travel passport as proof of identity. Any other type of photo ID must be agreed to before the course date. If a candidate fails to provide photographic ID they will not be accepted on the course, but will still be charged full cost.

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