CCNSG National Course

Health And Safety Training Deliverable Across The UK

CCNSG National Course (Client/Contractor National Safety Group Passport) is issued to companies or contractors who are operating as oil, gas, nuclear power, chemicals and steel providers. This passport is completed over two days and it is one of the best methods to educate and train on what is required for basic safety. As the national group overseeing safety standards within these sectors, the CCNSG has developed a level of training that ensures that providers taking this course will use a standardised curriculum.


The CCNSG is often the major requirement for contractors working on any type of engineering or construction site. Anyone wanting to work on a nuclear power plant site would be required to have studied and been assessed for this safety training certificate. It is provided as a two-day national course and it is valid for three years. The CCNSG passport shows that training and education needed for a complex site such as a nuclear power plant is met. This passport shows that the company and contractor are both serious about the safety level of the service they provide.

Aims & Objectives

One of the major benefits for possessing the CCNSG passport is the increased level of safety it can provide to those working around a nuclear power station. As it is a national course, all of the basic safety information is covered. The knowledge for this passport is quite detailed and will cover valuable topics such as safety when entering a confined space, safe behaviour on-site, using equipment safely and the correct way to work at heights.

When working at a nuclear power station, this useful course information will highlight handling hazardous substances, how to protect the environment, dealing with noise, safe lifting and protection from electrical burns. Therefore, these topics are all useful information and this course is a complete educational tool for those who would like to not only understand the knowledge, but also practical tips for maintaining standards while working on-site at a nuclear power station.

The CCNSG National Course covers the following objectives:

Safe Behaviours at Work
Consequences of good/bad safety
Health and Safety at Work Act 1974
Risk Assessments
What is Hazard?
What is Risk?
Hierarchy of Control
As low as Reasonably Practical
Fire Safety
Manual Handling
Confined Space
Working at Height
Site Transport


This course concludes with a multi-choice assessment.


The course is run over two consecutive days.

Please note :

You will need to provide the ECITB with personal details for their course record database (listed below).

If you cannot comply with these requirements then you will not be able to attend the training or test session.

  • You must bring photo ID e.g. Travel Passport, or a UK Driving Licence and your National Insurance Number. If none of the above can be shown please ring the office for a list of items to prove ID.
  • You must have basic conversational use of the English language.
  • A digital photograph will be taken of you for the ECITB course records database at the start of the course.

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