All Wales Manual Handling Passport

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What is the Passport Scheme?

All Wales Manual Handling Passport Scheme was originally developed by Welsh NHS Trusts with the overall aim of ensuring consistency of manual handling training and systems, thus allowing employees to transfer their skills when moving from post to post and assisting to ensure that skills and knowledge are consistent.


Why is it necessary?

The Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992 (as amended 2002) came into force on the 1st January 1993.

In developing the Passport Scheme, the main identified difficulties were that:

• Existing training programmes varied in duration and content

• Each Authority / employer used different assessment tools

If employees leave one organisation and move to another within Wales it would be beneficial to allow them to transfer their training skills, minimising duplication and time lost to the service. The Passport standard will enable this.


What are the aims and objectives of the Passport Scheme?

To ensure consistency in manual handling training/assessment within participating organisations

To provide a standard for use in commissioning contracted services

To develop a mechanism whereby skills can be transferred between participating organisation to minimise duplication within participating organisations


The training programme is broken down into modules to allow for flexibility in its delivery.

The modules cover the following topics over two days:


• Module A – Manual Handling Theory

• Module B – Inanimate Load Handling & Practical Application of Ergonomics

• Module C – Sitting, Standing and Walking

• Module D – Bed Mobility

• Module E – Lateral Transfers

• Module F – Hoist Transfers

• Module G – Manual Handling for Managers & Decision Makers


Training will be held at your premises on equipment that you use day to day.



2 days

Please contact us to book a date convenient to you