Abrasive Wheels

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Abrasive Wheels falls under The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 that requires persons using work equipment such as abrasive wheels including persons who supervise and manage their use should receive adequate training.

Course Objective

To provide information and practical instruction to enable the delegates to comply with the requirements of the relevant legislation relating to the safe use.

Course Content

  • Identify the typical hazards associated with the use of abrasive wheels
  • Demonstrate an understanding of (BS EN 12413) wheel marking system
  • Outline the correct storage/transport methods  for abrasive wheels
  • Select appropriate wheels for a variety of applications using guidance/reference tables
  • Inspect and test wheels for damage prior to mounting
  • Quote the functions of flanges, blotters, bushes and nuts used to mount wheels
  • Understand the need for RPM control of grinding machines and test using a tachometer
  • Properly mount wheels on pedestal(bench), angle and cut off grinding machines
  • Properly adjust guards and tool rests as appropriate
  • Select and use appropriate PPE
  • Demonstrate an awareness of HSG17 and the FEPA safety code


The aim of the training course is to enable candidates to work safely, to provide an understanding of current legislation and promote awareness of the dangers and hazards of abrasive wheels, and to offer practical steps to reduce workplace accidents and encourage workers to adopt a culture that results in a safer workplace.


A multi choice paper consisting of 15 questions to be answered within 20 minutes.


All delegates successfully completing the course in full will be awarded a  Certificate of Training valid for 3 years.


Course will last approximately 4 hours

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