IPAF MEWP 3a + 3b

Health And Safety Training Deliverable Across The UK

IPAF MEWP 3a + 3b training is suitable for anyone who is going to be operating/operates scissor lifts, mobile vertical lifts, self propelled telescopic booms, articulating booms or mobile booms.

Candidates for MEWP  training courses must be at least 16 years of age. They must be medically fit to operate machinery and must have the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment with them (i.e. Helmet, Safety Boots, Hi-Viz Vest, Harness & Lanyard).


A mix of theory and practical training, this course is designed to enable operators to manoeuvre, drive and position the MEWPs safely and proficiently. Courses can be undertaken on scissor lifts, boom lifts, trailer mounted or truck mounted platforms.

Course Content

  • Awareness of different types of MEWPs
  • Safe operation of MEWPs and limitations of use
  • Pre-use checks, inspection and function tests
  • Planning the route before operating the MEWP
  • Travelling the route and manoeuvring the MEWP
  • Setting up the MEWP for work
  • Basic operational practice
  • Achievement testing
  • Selection and use of fall arrest equipment
  • Log book issue


By the end of the course, the delegate will:

  • Be fully aware of the relevant Health & Safety regulations and accident prevention and control
  • Be fully aware of the needs regarding personal protection equipment
  • Be able to manoeuvre the machine as required and drive the machine proficiently and safely
  • Be able to correctly position and carry out the required tasks in a correct and proper manner


MEWP training presentation with slides, video, printed course material, demonstration and practical use.


Successful delegates will receive a MEWP Training  Card valid for 5 years, Certificate of MEWP  Training, a MEWP safety guide and a MEWP log book.



1 day

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