Forward Tipping

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Forward Tipping

Forward & Rear Tipping course is delivered through a combination of classroom-based tutorials and practical training.

Completing the course successfully will entitle you to a CPCS Red Trained Operator Card (upon successful completion of the appropriate CPCS Technical Test).

The course can last up to 4 days depending on the experience and ability of the delegate.

Course Content

  • Identify the basic construction and components, and the purpose and use of all controls and gauges
  • Identify and comply with manufacturers’ instructions in accordance with the operator’s handbook, other information sources and applicable legislation (PUWER, LOLER)
  • Carry out all pre-use and running checks
  • Set the dumper for site and road travel
  • Travel over differing types of terrain, including rough undulating ground, in a loaded and unloaded state
  • Travel up and down substantial inclines in a loaded and unloaded state
  • Manoeuvre in confined areas using forward and reverse direction, in a loaded and unloaded state
  • Position the dump truck to receive loads
  • Comply with loading procedures
  • Ensure load integrity and security
  • Discharge loads into trenches and over edges
  • Place the dump truck in an out-of-service condition
  • Explain the loading and unloading procedures on and off a transporter

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